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Various cinematography and software projects I have worked on.



TBC is an organization that is dedicated to education, networking, and providing students industry-sponsored opportunities within the blockchain industry. We organize and host events with speakers to talk about their companies and experiences as well as sponsor student-led blockchain projects.

Senior Capstone Project 2018-2019

Final Poster (5)

THE PROJECT: PERFORM NLP ON FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS TO DISCOVER MEANINGFUL TRENDS As part of my senior capstone project, I worked with Fidelity Investments to research and build a natural language processing tool that parsed companies’ financial documents and extracted keywords to discover meaningful trends within the data sets. The technologies used include React, Flask, Gensim, and MongoDB. 

IBM Watson Customer Engagement Universal Behavior Exchange

THE PROJECT: AGGREGATE UBX DATA INTO ONE USER INTERFACE As part of the Universal Behavior Exchange team within IBM’s Watson Customer Engagement Division during summer of 2017, I designed and developed an internal dashboard view for UBX account and marketing performance metrics using Angular 2+ with Webpack. This dashboard aggregates UBX account data into one place for executives and managers to more easily locate, analyze, and review the data in real time. The technologies used include Angular 2+, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, NPM, Neutrino API, and IBM’s Peretz Component API. 


THE PROJECT: USE IBM WATSON TECHNOLOGY IN A 3-DAY HACKATHON: As part of my internship at IBM’s Mass Lab, I took part in IBM’s annual Bluehack, a nationwide IBM hackathon where interns are given 24 hours over the course of three days to develop a working prototype and business model for a new product. Along with five software development interns, I helped create which lets users find clothing to match what they already have in their closet.

We received second place in the Video Comprehension Solutions Challenge category.

Dan Grichevsky: Developed file transfer to upload images to back end server

Brighton Kamen: Designed app, filmed & edited video, created a business plan

Jordan Love: Developed the suggestion engine to return clothing options

Alex Thurston: Trained the classifiers to recognize clothing types and patterns

Andrew Ton: Built the back end server 

Clark Wu: Developed app interface and front end demo

IBM Marketing Cloud Social Audiences

showcase - social audiences

THE PROJECT: UPDATE AND REMODEL THE SOCIAL AUDIENCES INTERFACE As part of the Social Audiences team within IBM’s Marketing Cloud Division during summer of 2016, I helped remodel and upgrade various user interface elements of the product. UI components such as the toggle buttons on the main page needed to be updated to utilize IBM’s new Peretz components which standardized all IBM products under one look. The technologies used include AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git, NodeJS, and NPM.